Al Jazeera Media Cafe

Al Jazeera media café is the first arena of its kind in the Middle East to give an exclusive Al Jazeera media experience. The café links the Al Jazeera Media Network with its audience, where the many facilities make visitors feel part of Al Jazeera.

Enjoy the Al Jazeera Experience

In the café’s interactive studio, all lights will be on you as you get the opportunity to be a news presenter using state of the art equipment. Your moment in front of the cameras will be recorded and handed to you to take home. Please remember to share your experience with us on social media using ‘#AlJazeeraCafe.’

Where Media Meets Cuisine

The dining area at the center of the Al Jazeera Media Café is the hub of creativity. The café was designed to transport you to the heart of the media world all while you’re enjoying your favorite dish at your table.